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Gold Dust to Close Down

If you have been following recent changes at Gold Dust you will know that David Gardiner, the Prose Editor has resigned from that post to take on a new project of his own which you can read about HERE.

That left effectively only one person, Adele Geraghty the Poetry Editor, running the magazine, and the task had already become almost impossible for two people let alone one. Adele hoped for a while that we might be able to find somebody else willing to take on the Prose Editor role, which had expanded to take in many other areas of the magazine's production including uploading to our printer Lulu.com, looking after the website, and doing most of the actual layout on DTP software. Perhaps unsurprisingly, nobody came forward, so with sadness we are now declaring that the magazine will not continue any farther.

Adele Geraghty has for some years edited an annual journal of literature and the arts called Between These Shores Annual, and as she has in her possession all the poems that have been submitted to Gold Dust she can if the poets wish consider them instead for submission to that. She will email the people concerned to ask if that is what they want.

David Gardiner currently holds only three prose submissions to Gold Dust, two of which have been temporarily withdrawn by their authors, and he has sent these also into Adele's keeping. She will inform the writers by email that he has done so and they can discuss with Adele whether or not they would like her to consider them for a future edition of BTSA.

Gold Dust has been a major part of our lives and that of its founder Omma Velada, whose work and family commitments have prevented her from taking a more active part in the last few years. Also the lives of other regular helpers and contributors including Eleanor Bennett and Slavko Mali. We are all sad to see its 16 year life come to an end. It has given us much pleasure, occasional pain and frustration, and memories that will be with us forever.

A most sincere "thank you" to everybody who helped to make those 16 years so productive and rewarding.

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